Harness the Power of Probiotics

Maximize Production Efficiency

With sales to more than 100 countries, US pork exports recorded the largest year ever in 2017. In volume, meat exports totaled 5.399 billion pounds, valued at $6.486 billion, up 9 percent over 2016.

    Swine farms typically experience:

  • • Disease, which leads to antibiotic overuse and high mortality
  • • Inefficient weight gain and poor feed conversion ratios – which lead to costly feed expenses
  • • Foul odors, including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide that harm the animals and attract insects
  • • Wastewater treatment challenges- high organic loading, foul odors and sludge volume, costing farms time and money

    Probiotic treatment has been shown to:

  • • Improve health and digestion, reducing diarrhea
  • • Improve weight gain and meat production
  • • Create better environmental conditions for the pigs

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