A Breakthrough in Probiotic Performance

Maximize production efficiency


Poultry farms face a number of unique challenges:

  • • High mortality
  • • Poor feed conversion efficiency
  • • Reduced meat and egg quality
  • • Harmful odors

Probiotics from NCH Life Sciences offer an advanced solution with proven benefits to help poultry farmers maintain their facilities.

Previous Technology
Probiotics as Food Additives

  • Typically spore bacteria or less stable freeze- dried bacteria
  • Inconsistent dosages of powdered and pelletized bacteria from settling in transit or storage
  • Moisture content and temperature vary and can degrade bacteria in food

NCH Life Sciences Technology
ACTPRO Probiotics in Drinking Water

  • Spore bacteria – activated in patent-pending equipment
  • Efficient delivery- animals consume twice as much water as food per day
  • Excellent stability and temperature resistance
  • Our spore bacteria – even when ACTPRO, are stable in the presence of chlorine and sanitizers

Dormant Spores

  • Lighter cells – inactive spores


  • Darker cells – spores have taken in water and are now activated

The Results

Standard Probiotics

ACTPRO Probiotics

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