ACTPRO™ Technology

More Than 90% Activated Bacteria
in a Shelf-Stable Probiotic
for Maximum Health Benefits

About Us

NCH Life Sciences, a subsidiary of NCH Corporation, is a provider of innovative probiotic delivery systems. Our probiotic solutions have been proven to improve health and production efficiency in a variety of livestock animals.

Now you can incorporate our proven probiotics into your food, beverage and dietary supplement products. ACTPRO™ Technology is a new type of spore probiotic ingredient designed for use in human nutrition products. Our patent-pending probiotic consists of bacterial spores and a nutrient mixture. The two components work synergistically to deliver almost 10-times more active bacteria that can colonize the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which translates into stronger digestive and immune health benefits.

Forms of Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms, most commonly bacteria but also some yeast, that when administered in adequate amounts deliver a health benefit to the consumer. Probiotic bacteria are grouped into two categories, live bacterial cultures and dormant bacterial spores.

Live bacterial cultures are commonly found in yogurt, other fermented foods and dietary supplements. While these probiotics have been demonstrated to provide health benefits, products containing live cultures are limited by the need for refrigeration and short shelf lives (weeks). In addition, these probiotics are more susceptible to gastric acids in the stomach, thus drastically reducing the number of bacteria that make it to the GI tract where they would do the most good.

Bacterial spores are a naturally-occurring, dormant form of bacteria that can survive in harsh environmental conditions for extended periods of time. Spores have a protective outer layer that makes them resistant to heat, cold, pressure and stomach acids. These features allow spore-containing products to have longer shelf lives (years) and eliminates the need for refrigeration. As a result, spore probiotics can be incorporated into different and innovative foods and beverages other than the traditional dairy products.

    Live Bacteria
  • Highly sensitive to stomach acid
  • Low numbers reach gut
  • Short shelf life, need to be refrigerated
  • Suitable for limited types of foods
    Bacterial Spores
  • Resistant to heat, cold, pressure, pH
  • Survive passage through stomach to reach gut
  • Long shelf life, no refrigeration needed
  • Can be added to many different foods

Product Description

Once in the GI tract, probiotic spores need to 'wake up' or germinate to develop into live and active bacteria that can colonize and grow to provide digestive and immune health benefits. The problem is that today's commercial spores show less than 10% germination. If spores do not germinate in the GI tract then they are shed in the stool and have no beneficial health effects.

ACTPRO™ Technology specifically addresses this problem. Our patent-pending combination of nutrient mixture and probiotic spores act synergistically to greatly improve the germination rate to around 93%. This close to 10-fold increase in germinated spores represents a breakthrough in probiotic technology and has the potential to strongly enhance the health benefits of probiotics. Research studies done in livestock animals effectively show that ACTPRO™ Technology provides stronger digestive health benefits compared to probiotic spores alone and to controls.

The bacterial spores in ACTPRO™ Technology are a specific blend of Bacillus species, which have been well characterized and whose health benefits have been documented in scientific studies. The nutrient mixture is the result of extensive optimization by NCH Life Sciences researchers to determine the right combination of nutrients that could germinate probiotic spores for maximum health benefit.

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